I Am Khaalis Ewing

Professional/Family Caregiver

About Me

I am Khaalis Ewing and Love Wakes Me Up Everyday.

There are so many of our loved ones who feel alone or they feel as if they’re a burden to others, but they’re not and I’m here to give as much love and comfort where it’s needed.

Long before the pandemic, I knew what it was like to care for a loved one who had a chronic illness and the amount of love, compassion and empathy it required to show them and remind them that Love also Wakes Them up Everyday was a beacon of light.

We as humans sometimes take it for granted so we have to be reminded sometimes, even when we are going through hard times and feeling discouraged. We are still loved and given the opportunity to make each given day better than the last. In turn, my goal is to spread love because Love Wakes Me Up Everyday.

I have been providing a service in my community for over 12 years, working for non-profit organizations, nursing facilities, and some hospitals. I am a skilled CNA, CPR CERTIFIED and I’m Covid free and vaccinated.

I am also a college graduate. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science, major was Sociology. The study of human interaction was my main focus, and I still learn something new everyday with patience and listening. I am always an advocate for my loved ones and their families as well.

Quick Facts


Skilled CNA


CPR Certified


Sociology Degree, Bachelor's of Science


12+ Years of Experience